Navios Maritime Midstream Partners L.P.

Efstratios Desypris

Efstratios Desypris has been our Senior Vice President—Business Development and a member of our board of directors since our inception. Mr. Desypris has served as Chief Financial Controller of Navios Maritime Holdings since February 2011. He has previously served as Financial Controller of Navios Maritime Holdings since May 2006. In addition, Mr. Desypris is the Chief Financial Officer of Navios Maritime Partners since January 2010. He also serves as Senior Vice President—Strategic Planning and Director of Navios Logistics, and as director of Navios Europe Inc. Before joining Navios Group, Mr. Desypris worked for nine years in the accounting profession, most recently as manager of the audit department at Ernst & Young in Greece. Mr. Desypris started his career as an auditor with Arthur Andersen & Co. in 1997. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Piraeus.